Hell Night Returns!

Hell Night Never Say Die #339 Menu


Supa’ Hot Peel & Eat Shrimp
great hill blue cheese dipping sauce & celery sticks
(4 bombs)

Loco Banana Rellena
smoked pork shoulder & inner beauty hot sauce
(5 bombs)

orange, jicama, “flaming” tortilla chips
(2 bombs)

Deviled Eggs
pickled jalapenos & smoked trout roe
(3 bombs)

Thai Chicken Dumplings
pickled papaya
(3 bombs)

Phaal Curry Cauliflower Taco
apple raita, cashews
(6 bombs)


Sesame Seared Tuna
killer korean bbq sauce, kimchee & baby bok choy
(4 bombs)

Chicken and Waffles
falafel waffle, tzatziki, zhug
(2 bombs)

Shrimp Pozole
avocado, pickled corn, radish
(5 bombs)

Pepper Grilled Skirt Steak
chimichurri, black kale & crispy yucca
(3 bombs)

Kali Ma Braised Lamb Vindaloo
basmati rice with mango-chili chutney, honey yogurt & naan
(6 bombs)

Pig Under a Brick
cranberry mole, corn polenta
(3 bombs)

”Bombs” Rating
1=Nothing to write home about.
2=Not bad, you can ride a skateboard, but you can’t ollie.
3=You do have a tattoo somewhere on your body, but you don’t show it off.
4=Carpe diem dude. (pause for dramatic effect) Carpe diem.
5=Serious Street Cred.
6=Buy yourself a stately hat, preferably with a plume, you are a bad-ass.