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BBQ Grill Box for 4

Let Us Help you do the GRILLING for You!

Please Pre-Order a Day in Advance

Pick up Available Daily 12-4

Father’s Day “Clam Shack Pop Up”

This Father’s Day bring a taste of the coast home for Dad with our “Clam Shack Pop Up!” Try our Lobster Rolls, Fried Clam Rolls and Fish + Chips paired with hard to find mix-and-match beers and white sangria all packaged to-go!

Need Dessert too? How about our Strawberry Tiramisu or Peach Cobbler?! We’ll also have our full menu available as well. If you want to pre-plan your order feel free to order online now for Sunday the 21st or call us directly AND if you’d like anything special that you don’t see on your menu we’re always happy to accommodate. We’re open 12:00PM – 8:00PM on Father’s Day! Click here to order



12 Pack Taco Kit $49 Available Tuesday Only

Hell Night Returns!

Hell Night Never Say Die #339 Menu


Supa’ Hot Peel & Eat Shrimp
great hill blue cheese dipping sauce & celery sticks
(4 bombs)

Loco Banana Rellena
smoked pork shoulder & inner beauty hot sauce
(5 bombs)

orange, jicama, “flaming” tortilla chips
(2 bombs)

Deviled Eggs
pickled jalapenos & smoked trout roe
(3 bombs)

Thai Chicken Dumplings
pickled papaya
(3 bombs)

Phaal Curry Cauliflower Taco
apple raita, cashews
(6 bombs)


Sesame Seared Tuna
killer korean bbq sauce, kimchee & baby bok choy
(4 bombs)

Chicken and Waffles
falafel waffle, tzatziki, zhug
(2 bombs)

Shrimp Pozole
avocado, pickled corn, radish
(5 bombs)

Pepper Grilled Skirt Steak
chimichurri, black kale & crispy yucca
(3 bombs)

Kali Ma Braised Lamb Vindaloo
basmati rice with mango-chili chutney, honey yogurt & naan
(6 bombs)

Pig Under a Brick
cranberry mole, corn polenta
(3 bombs)

”Bombs” Rating
1=Nothing to write home about.
2=Not bad, you can ride a skateboard, but you can’t ollie.
3=You do have a tattoo somewhere on your body, but you don’t show it off.
4=Carpe diem dude. (pause for dramatic effect) Carpe diem.
5=Serious Street Cred.
6=Buy yourself a stately hat, preferably with a plume, you are a bad-ass.